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Customer Account Portal (CAP) Online Bill Payment System Questions:

1.       How do I sign up for Online Bill Pay and/or E-Bill Presentment? It’s easy! Simply go to our web site at and complete the registration page to set up your personal account. Your registration will be processed immediately, and a verification link for your initial login will be emailed to you. You may begin making online payments with your first login.

2.       What information do I need to sign up? You will need your fifteen (15) digit account/customer number. Please enter all numbers including leading zeros. Enter your first seven (7) digits in the account # field and the remaining eight (8) digits in the customer # field. Your account/customer number is located on your bill.

3.       What can I use as my Username? Your Username can be anything you want. We do not require any combination of letters, numbers or special characters, but your username must be at least five (5) characters long. You will use this Username every time you login to CAP.

4.       Does the Password require a combination of letters and numbers? Your password must be at least seven (7) characters long. We do not require any specific combination of letters, numbers or special characters. The password is case sensitive.

5.       Will I receive an error message if I enter the wrong account/customer number? You will receive an error message if you do not enter seven (7) digits for the account number and eight (8) digits for the customer number. If you enter the digits incorrectly, your payment will not be processed. Additional charges for late payment will appear on your next bill.

6.       Will I receive a confirmation once I register? Yes, once your account information has been submitted, you will receive an email containing a verification link that you must click in order for you to login to your account successfully. The link will be sent to the email address you used when registering. If you do not have this email in your inbox please check your junk mail folder. If you can’t find this email then please email and provide your account and customer number so that a customer service representative can authorize your account.

7.        I can’t log in/my password doesn’t work. Your password is case sensitive. Please be sure to type the password using upper and lower case characters as needed.

8.       How do I change my password? You can change your password any time by clicking on Change Profile and then Manage Password from the main page.

9.       What if I forget my password? You may request a password reminder by selecting “Retrieve Password” on the login page. Enter your username, and then click on Send Password. Your password reminder will be sent to your email address saved in CAP.

10.     What are e-bills? If you opt to receive e-bills, you will get an email notification each month or quarter when your bill is available. You can view it online and make a payment if you choose. Please be aware that if you choose to receive e-bills, you could still request to receive a paper bill. To request e-bills, login to CAP, select Change Profile (left-hand side of main page), then select Manage Profile. There you will see the options for e-bills.

11.       Can I print a copy of my bill? Yes, if you receive e-bills, click View under the Web Bill column for the appropriate bill. A separate window will pop up with your e-bill. You may print using the printer icon. If you still receive paper bills in the mail and do not sign up for e-bills, an exact copy of your bill is not available online.

12.     How can I change to e-bills or printed bills after my initial registration? If you have already registered and would like to change your billing preference, log in to the site and select Change Profile. Select Manage Profile and change your selection in the Receive e-bills box or Receive printed bills box.

13.     How do I contact Customer Service if I have a problem registering? Email us at or you may call Greater New Haven WPCA Customer Service at (203)776-3570, our office hours are Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have concerning registration.

14.     What is a transaction history? The Transaction History displays all account transactions in descending chronological order, including the date, a description, the amount and balance remaining for each transaction. Once online payments have been authorized, they will appear in the Transaction History.

15.     What is billing history? The Billing History displays the billing date, balance forward amount, and current bill balance for a customer’s account.

16.     Will I receive a confirmation of my payment? After you make a payment, a screen confirming successful payment will show the payment amount, date and confirmation number which you may print out for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation.

17.     When will the Greater New Haven WPCA receive my online payment? All payments submitted on a regular business day will be posted the following business day. Payments submitted during a weekend or GNHWPCA holiday will be posted the following business day.

18.     I have multiple accounts can I pay all my accounts with one username? Yes you can, as long as all your accounts have the same customer #. Under the online services menu select “payment for Multi-Accounts” and you’ll be guided through the process.

19.     Is there a minimum online payment amount that I must make? The minimum online payment is $25.00.

20.   Is there a maximum online payment amount? The maximum online payment is $25,000.

21.     Can I make a one-time payment without registering? At this time, Greater New Haven WPCA customers must register in order to make a payment through our Customer Account Portal (CAP). Customers do not need to register in order to use our Pay by Phone IVR System.

22.   How do I register for Auto Pay? You can have your payment drafted from your checking or savings account, the payment will be automatically made on the due date stated on your bill. For a copy of our Bank Draft Authorization form, select the Bank Draft form link on the Customer Account Portal or on the Customer Service tab on our company Website.